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 8 Power Tips To Boost Sales With Unrestricted PLR!
Here are 8 power tips to help you get the most from my recent release of unrestricted PLR...IDEA #1 - Create your own unique products that you control. Obviously, the first thing you'll want to do isuse the manuscripts to create your own information products to sell online. You can compile them into eBooks,create a membership site, record them as audio products, sell them on CDs, as printed manuals or even use them tostart a new coaching club! You can create as many different products as you...
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 A Texan out of time and place struggles to find himself
Miguel wakes up floating in a solution and being cuddled and cared for by "Mama." There is a lot going on around him and suddenly he is washed out of a large tank of fluid in to the arms of Alice, the Woman in Black. This is the surprise beginning.The story is told from Miguel's perspective, throughout. It is unusual for a 1st person book to hold the interest of most readers, but this is one of the few that is very well written. There are 3 sections, each proceeded by a poem that nonetheless...
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 A Worthy Read
The Perfect Match by author T. Wayne Bloodworth focuses on the complex and emotion ridden journey of Dr. Zack Folsom, a man living life so mired in doubt, sorrow and guilt, that it takes twisted fate for him to let go and start living life as he should.Click Here for More Information on The Perfect MatchCentral character, Doctor Zack Folsom, a talented cardiac surgeon, loving husband and father, becomes a man preoccupied, after suddenly losing his wife Emily in a ...
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 Affiliate Marketing Master Plan
With the growth of mobile devices and others means of accessing the Internet, online sales continue to climb and so does affiliate revenue.Click Here for More InformationWith Affiliate Marketing Master Plan, you'll have everything you need to get started on your path to success in affiliate marketing. It is packed with crucial information you will need.Inside you'll discover...* Insight into the three critical things that allaffiliate marketers need to excel online* How to become a super...
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 Between Breaths by Elizabeth Vargas
Elizabeth Vargas has always been one of my favorite journalists.  I enjoyed her time on Good Morning America and loved to watch her co-host episodes of 20/20.  I was saddened to hear about her problems with anxiety and alcohol.  It was such a shock because I, and I'm sure thousands of others, had no idea Elizabeth had this problem.Click Here for More Information on Between BreathsAs I started to read Between Breaths her story became more and more interesting.  I could not...
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 Coldwater Revenge
Reviewed by Dianne Woodman Coldwater Revenge takes place in 2002 with the setting in a lakefront community along the Canadian border. Tom Morgan, a high-powered New York lawyer, has taken a break from his job to spend time with his family. He is at a crossroads in his life and trying to choose the path he wants to follow. Shortly after his arrival in the small town of Coldwater, the body of a local man is discovered in the lake. Sheriff Joe Morgan, Tom’s younger brother, recently lost...
Category Mystery Visitor Rating (1)
 Dirty Science: How Unscientific Methods Are Blocking Our Cultural Advancement by Bob Gebelein
Bob Gebelein begins by stating “This book needs to be written.” “The story needs to be told.” You will discover why he makes this statement as you read this book. I’m only going to mention a few subjects in this book because I don’t want to give too much away for the readers. The author begins many of the chapters with a question. “Have you been ridiculed by members of the scientific establishment because of your psychic beliefs?” So, just think about this statement. ...
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 Download 80+ 'How To' Tutorials on Affiliate Marketing
Right now you'll get instant access toover 80 how-to video tutorials thatteach you how to apply the mostpowerful business models online to date.http://www.marketingyourproducts.com/TeachMeHowHere's a look at what's inside thismammoth course...Module #1 - Teach Me Affiliate MarketingLesson 1 - Find Quality OffersLesson 2 - Niche SelectionLesson 3 - Build Your Free SiteLesson 4 - Build Wix Affiliate SiteLesson 5 - Build Affiliate BlogLesson 6 - Traffic StrategiesLesson 7 - Final PointsModule #2...
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 Flourless to Stop Him by Nancy J. Parra
It’s a busy time for Toni at her gluten free bakery. It’s Christmastime and she is trying her best to get the holiday cookies baked on time. Toni is visiting with her best friend, Tasha Wilkes, who runs the Red Tile Inn. Maria, the maid, came rushing in and informed Tasha that she found a body in one of the rooms. It turns out that the room is registered to Tim who is Toni’s brother. The body is identified as Howard Petry who was a good friend of Tim’s. Click here for more...
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 Grab Beautiful 75 Kindle Covers (for eBook publishers...) Download 75 Beautiful Kindle Covers (for eBook publishers...)
If you weren't already aware, Amazon Kindle allows creative writers like you to publish books online. Writers can have books published within 48 hours, get worldwide exposure, have it ready for all Kindle devices and apps and earn royalties of 70%.  It's a very lucrative system because it allows writers to focus on writing, and Amazon Kindle to provide the exposure. There are 1000s of writers who are already making a part-time even full-time income just doing this which...
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