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 Editor's Pick
 New Content Creation Tool
 Jonathan Leger just launched a new MEGA content tool that I have been using and love!

What Jon has done is basically taken all of the best content tools, made them better, put them all into one MEGA tool. But he didn't stop there! He also added some new tools that combined make the best content tool ever made in my opinion!

In a hurry? Just click the link below to watch it IN ACTION, right now:

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Listen, we all know the old saying, "content is king." If you've been around the Internet Marketing space for very long, you know it's true.

You need good content, and lots of it, if you want to get anywhere online. Up until now the problem has been GETTING that content.

- You can pay for it, but that gets expensive and most paid writers aren't experts in your niche
- You can write it yourself, but you have other things to do than to sit around writing all day!
- You can copy it from other sources, but that's ... a crime! ... and Google frowns on it too.

Jon's new tool basically cuts out  the challenges and makes it much easier to get quality content in any niche.

But how?

Well, this new product currently has FIVE different tools within it:

1. A research tool that helps you to quickly and easily filter through the garbage to find quality content that you can use to create awesome, research based content.

2. A Rewriting tool that helps you to rewrite killer articles in a SNAP! Seriously, I'm talking less than a couple minutes.

3. A spinning tool that allows you to take any article and generate unique versions of it. NO, spinning is not dead. As a matter of fact, spinning is alive and well to those who know how to use it. This tool is brain-dead simple so you WILL know how to use it.

4. A template article tool that provides LOADS of awesome templates you can use to QUICKLY create an article in any niche based on proven templates that people love.

5. A formatted article editor that allows you to create styled articles in a snap.

This mega-tool also allows you to automatically post your new articles directly to your WordPress blog!

Don't want to produce the content yourself? No problem.

This tool comes pre-loaded with more than 100,000 articles in 182 different categories and sub-categories that you can do with as you please and claim as author!

It is also integrated with ArticleBuilder.net which produces an unlimited number of super-spun articles on LOADS of different topics.

Pretty awesome, huh?!

If you're as excited as I am about this new mega-tool, then I know you're wondering how you can get it. Well, you can get it right now by clicking the link below:

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Get this amazing content tool. You'll be glad you did.

Author Nancy Eaton  Added On Mon Jul 31st,2017
Rating (0)  Category Affiliate Marketing
 Article Of The Day
 Download 80+ 'How To' Tutorials on Affiliate Marketing
 Right now you'll get instant access to
over 80 how-to video tutorials that
teach you how to apply the most
powerful business models online to date.


Here's a look at what's inside this
mammoth course...

Module #1 - Teach Me Affiliate Marketing

Lesson 1 - Find Quality Offers
Lesson 2 - Niche Selection
Lesson 3 - Build Your Free Site
Lesson 4 - Build Wix Affiliate Site
Lesson 5 - Build Affiliate Blog
Lesson 6 - Traffic Strategies
Lesson 7 - Final Points

Module #2 - Teach Me List Building

Lesson 1 - Niche Selection
Lesson 2 - Creating Free Offer
Lesson 3 - Setup Autoresponder
Lesson 4 - Free Autoresponder
Lesson 5 - Autoresponder Demonstration
Lesson 6 - Follow Up Setup
Lesson 7 - Form Setup
Lesson 8 - Landing Page Setup
Lesson 9 - Build Squeeze Page
Lesson 10 - Free Traffic

Module #3 - Teach Me Product Creation

Lesson 1 - Basics
Lesson 2 - Niche Research A
Lesson 3 - Niche Research B
Lesson 4 - Creating Product A
Lesson 5 - Creating Product B
Lesson 6 - Creating Product C
Lesson 7 - Product Creation Ideas
Lesson 8 - Copywriting A
Lesson 9 - Copywriting B
Lesson 10 - Copywriting C
Lesson 11 - Copywriting D
Lesson 12 - Ecover
Lesson 13 - Ecover Creation Demo
Lesson 14 - Payments
Lesson 15 - Free Autoresponder
Lesson 16 - Autoresponder Setup
Lesson 17 - Autoresponder Follow Ups
Lesson 18 - Web Forms
Lesson 19 - Build Squeeze Page
Lesson 20 - Download Page
Lesson 21 - Creating Downloads Zip Files
Lesson 22 - Setup JVZoo Offer
Lesson 23 - Create Sales Page
Lesson 24 - Create Sales Page JVZoo
Lesson 25 - Create Buy Now Button
Lesson 26 - Final Tweaks
Lesson 27 - Affiliate Recruitment
Lesson 28 - Traffic Methods
Lesson 29 - Scaling Up

Module #4 - Teach Me Traffic Generation

Lesson 1 - No Cost Methods A
Lesson 2 - No Cost Methods B
Lesson 3 - Traffic Keyword Research
Lesson 4 - Squidoo A
Lesson 5 - Squidoo B
Lesson 6 - Squidoo C
Lesson 7 - Hubpages
Lesson 8 - Free Blog Live Journal
Lesson 9 - Article Submissions
Lesson 10 - Facebook Pages A
Lesson 11 - Facebook Pages B
Lesson 12 - Twitter
Lesson 13 - Pinterest
Lesson 14 - Google Plus
Lesson 15 - RSS Submissions
Lesson 16 - Answer Sites
Lesson 17 - Forum Marketing
Lesson 18 - Press Release Marketing
Lesson 19 - Document Sharing
Lesson 20 - Classified Advertising
Lesson 21 - Guest Blogging
Lesson 22 - Blog Commenting

Module #5 - Teach Me Video Marketing

Lesson 1 - Overview
Lesson 2 - Niche Selection
Lesson 3 - Getting Ideas
Lesson 4 - Creating Topics
Lesson 5 - Free Tools
Lesson 6 - Open Office
Lesson 7 - Royalty Free Images
Lesson 8 - Presentation Video
Lesson 9 - Screen Capture
Lesson 10 - Uploading
Lesson 11 - YouTube Uploading
Lesson 12 - Promoting Videos

Module #6 - Teach Me Freelancing

Lesson 1 - Basics
Lesson 2 - Websites
Lesson 3 - Best Practices
Lesson 4 - Applying For Jobs
Lesson 5 - Micro Job Sites
Lesson 6 - Posting Fiverr Gigs
Lesson 7 - Forums
Lesson 8 - Accepting Payments

As you can see this contains some real
valuable information that practically
EVERY person who intents to do business
online will need.

Learn at your own pace and get it right
first time every time! By the time
you've mastered every technique in this
course you'll become your own guru! If
you don't have a personal coach by your
side then this is easily the next best

Author Nancy Eaton  Added On Sun Jul 09th,2017
Rating (0)  Category Affiliate Marketing
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 Latest Articles
 Dirty Science: How Unscientific Methods Are Blocking Our Cultural Advancement by Bob Gebelein

Bob Gebelein begins by stating “This book needs to be written.” “The story needs to be told.” You will discover why he makes this statement as you read this book.

I’m only going to mention a few subjects in this book because I don’t want to give too much away for the readers.

The author begins many of the chapters with a question. “Have you been ridiculed by members of the scientific establishment because of your psychic beliefs?” So, just think about this statement. Many of us have experienced spiritual believes and psychic experiences. What happens when you express these beliefs and experiences to other people? Do they look at you like you are some kind of quack? It doesn’t even have to be someone with a scientific background. These beliefs are ground into our minds because, as the author states, “science has tapped into a human psychological need for authorities who are people who know all the answers”. These scientists believe there is no reality beyond the physical. Therefore, people who express an interest in subjects like clairvoyance, the power of prayer, reincarnation, etc. are dismissed as mentally incompetent. We all know that there is much more to clairvoyance, reincarnation, etc. The author states that he had a dream about his grandmother’s death one hour before he received the telegram. I, also, had an experience similar to this when my father was very ill. I came to the hospital to visit him and he told me that he had a lot of visitors that day. When I asked him who came to visit, every person he named was dead. I knew right then and there that he was getting closer to death. I’m sure many of us have had experiences like this whether it pertained to death, a miracle that happened because of prayer, or how about the times we have gone to a certain place and felt like we have been there before? How about the times when we first met a person and could swear we knew this person before? Could this possibly be anything to do with reincarnation?

What is science? The author states that in order to have science, there must be three essential ingredients; observation, replication, and valid logic. He considers observation the most important of the three. Now take a moment and think about the word “status”. There are many types of status in the world. We have the status of a teacher, the status of our parents, etc. We look up to and believe what anyone with a so- called “status” tells us. If our teacher told us something, we would believe it. The author is pointing out that this very same thing is true of scientists. They have an authority status and just because they are a scientist, people will believe what they say. The author states that religion is a rigid belief system and an explanation of the unknown. Once again, we are reverting back to the authority figure. When we were young, we looked at our parents as someone who knew all the answers. Many things were “unknown” to us and we learned from a very young age that our parents had the answers because this was engraved in our mind. It is also the way we feel about our priest. They are also an authority figure and we believe they know all the answers. Now if a scientist indicates “that doesn’t exist” is this the same as saying “I don’t know the answer”. Bob calls this an ego-defense. Think about it – it does make sense. Could this be an example of dirty science?

Bob Gebelein believes that many subjects have been “ignored, dismissed and/or suppressed because of the domination of physicalism.” He had some suggestions; all subjects should be debatable, scientists should be the best qualified to operate in that particular field and lawyers who use illegal methods are disbarred. The author lists several ways that people who have money can use their wealth to help the academic community gain self-awareness.

Bob Gebelein’s style of writing is clear and to the point. However, this book is not to be considered light reading. The author will bring up many subjects that he is very passionate about and you will be left with many things to think about. You will have to do some very deep thinking and will have to try to put your own views aside for a moment while pondering the author’s statements. After you read Dirty Science, it will be up to you to decide whether or not you agree with the author. Even if you do not agree with him, you will find this book unique and compelling. I have read another of Bob Gebelein’s other books, The Mental Environment. This book is also very interesting and he speaks on the subject of “mind pollution”. If you find Dirty Science an interesting and challenging read, you might want to add The Mental Environment to your list.

Author Nancy Eaton  Added On Wed Mar 27th,2019
Rating (0)  Category Non-Fiction
 A Texan out of time and place struggles to find himself

Miguel wakes up floating in a solution and being cuddled and cared for by "Mama." There is a lot going on around him and suddenly he is washed out of a large tank of fluid in to the arms of Alice, the Woman in Black. This is the surprise beginning.

The story is told from Miguel's perspective, throughout. It is unusual for a 1st person book to hold the interest of most readers, but this is one of the few that is very well written. There are 3 sections, each proceeded by a poem that nonetheless becomes important to the story. Almost from the beginning there is action, excitement and so many seemingly mundane encounters, but prove to be truly not.

"Man is unto himself the Great Work-a puzzle to be opened, explored and ultimately solved." This quote is almost integral to a good in-depth analysis of the book. This is one book requiring some thought after reading it because of the depth presented.

Miguel changes perspective from the dystopian future where "Man Diminished" to the time of his former life in the early 2000s, Part 2, "Once Upon a Time on Farm Road 216." Much has changed in the long time (undefined but suggested as 250 years in the future from Miguel's life when he disappeared in 2012). And Miguel must discover it, cope with it and find his own place. It is not until the last moment when the plot climaxes into Miguel's purpose in life is found and made complete.

Although Miguel is the main character and the narrator throughout there are many people enter into the telling. Most of those fit well into the current events of today, especially those from the former life, however, there are so many new types of creatures, people and other entities in the future it sometimes leads to confusion which gradually leads more to an understanding of what Miguel thinks of himself and other humans. The first life is a collection of memories he slowly remembers at first, but becomes vividly clear and integral to the plot and the self discovery of Miguel in the future world.

With simulants, enhanced humans, diseased humans, and entities which appear human but have abilities well beyond human normal abilities, the book covers a lot of ground and also reveals, very gradually, that the humans are the core to the situation, problems and solutions.

The characters are developed well enough for each one's purpose in the story. The plot is inexorable and yet very reasonable looking back through the book. It is well developed and carried through with a certain finesse. The writing is usually consistent and apparently Miguel's memory is very detailed with how the first life and those situations are relayed. There are some difficult passages based on dialect and some in Spanish, notwithstanding these are also discernable with a little thought.

This book can be recommended to any readers. There is some adult language, adult situations not involving sex and a lot of extreme violence. Those would be the cautions for younger readers. Those who like post-apocalyptic tales will enjoy this. Those who like psychologically and sociologically based drama will definitely enjoy this.

Click Here for More Information on Miguel Traveler:  The Man from Texas

Author Chris Phillips  Added On Fri Mar 02nd,2018
Rating (0)  Category Sci Fi
 A Worthy Read
 The Perfect Match by author T. Wayne Bloodworth focuses on the complex and emotion ridden journey of Dr. Zack Folsom, a man living life so mired in doubt, sorrow and guilt, that it takes twisted fate for him to let go and start living life as he should.

Click Here for More Information on The Perfect Match

Central character, Doctor Zack Folsom, a talented cardiac surgeon, loving husband and father, becomes a man preoccupied, after suddenly losing his wife Emily in a fatal car accident. To avoid the pain of his loss, he throws himself into his work dedicating the majority of his time and energy to his medical practice gaining him the reputation of being "all business" while he constantly wields an irascible and crudely sarcastic disposition.

Although he experiences great success as a competent surgeon, he also deeply feels the emptiness of the void left by his wife's death. Meanwhile, his only son Brody who is very much in need of a loving relationship with his father especially after the loss of his mother is now raised and cared for by Emily's family. Consequently, the relationship between father and son eventually festers into a dysfunctional and emotionally fractured relationship as Brody feels ignored and essentially parent-less, and in turn grows to hold onto a deep and resounding resentment against his father.

However, a turning point occurs when things change as a twist of fate brings a lucrative offer to purchase Zack's start up, a surgical robotics company. The offer not only bears opportunities that would allow Zack freedom from a now disenchanting career, but also brings a beautiful and intelligent lawyer, Gabriella Bennett into his life. As a mutual attraction develops, she helps to bring closure to some of the complexities and emptiness in his life.

Overall a satisfying read, The Perfect Match lives up to its name on multiple levels especially with the theme of the perfect match, being well executed by author T. Wayne Bloodworth. He artfully employs a nicely honed knack for evenly paced, detailed storytelling mainly when it comes to his ability to portray vivid images, the medical field and scenes of touching emotion. Additionally, I found the characters to be well thought out. I particularly enjoyed the character of Doctor Folsom. He was a sympathetic character whose emotions were tangibly realistic. I recommend putting this book on your "to be read" list. It definitely would make a good end of summer, feel good read.
Author Lisa Brown-Gilbert  Added On Tue Jan 16th,2018
Rating (0)  Category Novel
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