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Run for Your Life (Michael Bennett, Book 2) by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Reviewed by Nancy Eaton

What has Michael Bennett done to deserve this double whammy?

A psychopath is killing people in New York. He seems to be hung up on his victims’ manners. What do all these killings have in common? The killer, who refers to himself as The Teacher, has a list of people he wants dead. Why?

Detective Michael Bennett is assigned to this case. Just as Michael was set to begin work on this case, his children get sick with the flu. Michael’s wife died a few years ago and he has 10 adopted children. He gets help from his grandfather Seamus who is a Catholic priest and Mary Catherine, the nanny. Could there be a future romantic interest between Michael and Mary Catherine starting to take place?

Now Michael has to begin the balancing act of taking care of the children after Mary Catherine leaves for the day and trying to find The Teacher before he kills another person.

Is Michael Bennett able to locate The Teacher? One big problem – There is no sign of any links between the killings so this makes it more difficult for Michael to solve the case.

The Teacher is an expert at what he does and when he finds out that Michael is after him everything really gets interesting.

James Patterson is one of my favorite authors. I love his short chapters with a teaser ending that makes you want to go on to the next chapter immediately. The storyline goes back and forth from a chapter on the sick children to a chapter on who The Teacher is planning to kill next. This is a fast-moving story full of intrigue that will draw you in from page one. In addition, Michael Bennett is a great addition to Patterson’s characters. He is a tough detective but his heart will melt at the sight of his children.